couple of weird things today happened.

First one happened two games in a row.    joined game, almost over.... killed 2 people.  game over.   score 200 pts, 0 assists.     Game summary says  0 pts, 0 challenges, 0 match bonus... total score = 0.      Next game...  final score at the end of the match 3160.    game summary tells me  total xp = 2180.        NEXT odd thing...   Played a game of drop zone, game ended.  Lobby vote between OUTPOST and HARDHAT.    Host stayed cuz scores remained from all the players in the lobby.    Map finished voting... and it went to the loading screen.... for   BOOTLEG which was odd but i thought ok.... when i get in to the game about 10 seconds later...   its 3/4 over and a whole set of different players.    ----- so... seeeee!  the spaws ARE messed up... cuz i spawned in a whole different lobby.


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Someone asked me if I got de-ranked earlier, so maybe he did??? wierd.....

Nothing here, move along people.

dont know about nothing cause the same thing happened to me. game was about to begin on hard hat then started on arkaden.