Couple of questions I would appreciate answered. . .

How is this game? I recently bought the Game of the Year edition but due to a recent theft of my Xbox, I am unable to play it. Is this game any good? And are there people looking to start over cuz I need people to play with when I get a xbox again. Also, kind of off-topic, but I just changed my gamertag, with all of my saves ect. stay the same? Or will they delete with the new GT?


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remember to transfer your xbox account licences if possible from your old xbox to the new one, that is if you can but might be a problem from the stolen one, but it also might help recover your old xbox if they used it to connect to xbox live.

if you don't do this all the market place content that you got on the other xbox you will not be able to use on your new one, and if you do this everything you got on the old xbox will now be use able on your new one.

Good Luck ... see you in the Borderlands.

I bought the game when it first came out in late '09 and I played it everyday for a month.  And I'm still playing it.  I did find out around level 30-35, when a friend co-oped it with me, it's TONS better with a friend.

BTW...I hope you get you Xbox back.  Good Luck!

same save profile but changed gamertag it wouldnt matter i did it - changed my gamertag from crysis psycho when i was playing flashpoint to dredringofdeath when i switch to borderlands then crysis again when i was trrying out the crysis 2 demo.

Did you create a new gamertag? If you just changed the name, everything will carry over, but if you created a new tag they're useless.