Counter knifing or glitch?

Last night i joined a game in progress my buddies were playing and got placed on the opposite team. Whenever we end up against each other its always a big challenge to try and get each others tags when the chance ****! we even stalk each other to the point that we'll work out what part of the map they are on from the kill feed and unsilenced weapons... anyway..


Last night my buddy tracked me down, i was prone with an LMG looking through the IRNV scope when the knifing animation started (my character was being turned over), as soon as it started i pressed and held the knife button as a pure reaction and i ended up knifing him in the throat?! I didnt even see him coming. We were both suprised at the outcome and didnt think counterknifing had made it into the game.


Anybody else experience this? If someone goes to knife you please try it and let me know if it works.


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I have heard it can be done but thought it was the B button. Thanks for the heads up.