Could the Xbox 360 get Caspian Border?

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2011-09-29 16:33
Caspian is only on PC at the moment. 

moho-foe said:
is this just for the PC? What about the rest of us? 

Playing the same map over and over with no vehicles is no fun..








This was just posted on the battlelog forums, hmmmm does that mean why could get Caspian too?


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ooooohhhhh I really hope we get Caspian Border soon!!!!

I really hope they unlock it for consoles soon, if at all...

I think they will

Yeah who knows if they will but I just found it interesting he said "at the moment" so we will just have to wait and see. It's not going to sway my decision either way on purchasing the game but it would still be nice to play it a bit.

Yes we will........on Oct. 25

Nope. No Caspian for console players during open beta :).

Scroll down to the very bottom of the thread.

"Caspian Border won't be on consoles during the Open BETA.

The PC is running limited servers with passwords so we can work on server stability when the servers are at 64 players which is new for Frostbite."


Look at the date of that post, 9/29/2011. Caspian was only available for like a day or two for the PC before the servers were turned off. Doubt they are going to release Caspian with only 5 days left in the beta.