Could someone give me the run down on DLC..

Just bought the game and I was wondering about all the DLC im seeing. Would anything be of good use to a n00b like my self?


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Am I the only one who ran thru on Zealot difficulty on the first run

[/quote]Good job.  Now it's time for Hardcore right?


[quote user="Burst Axe"]

Am I the only one who ran thru on Zealot difficulty on the first run


No, That's what I just started with when I got the game a few days ago.

Am I the only one who ran thru on Zealot difficulty on the first run

Thanks for the info but could care less about MP maps but I guess it's good for those who play the MP, it's better than nothing.

BTW to all forum goers.

NEW Free DLC coming out for this game soon..

2 new multiplayer maps. :)

The Martial Law pack is very useful, you wouldn't regret the purchase but it's not really needed if you feel like you caught on quick enough. And also, you should do your Hardcore run first and then celebrate that achievement by running through Zealot with your special gift you receive.

the dlc CONTAINS A FEW GUNS AND SUITS which are useful if you find yourself getting stuck, the force gun is in the martial law pack which also contains a suit that gives you +damage to the force gun, which is very useful when attempting a harcore runthrough as having a fully upgraded force gun is like havin a cheat code. although i bought the supernova pack for my runthrough as it has a suit with +15% health per pack used, which i found more useful, although am still on my hardcore runthrough i have already completed game and am also halfway through zealot runthrough on new game+. all in all the dlc packs contain about 6-8 guns with 2-3 suits that cn be very useful :) hope this helps

Lol. Well thanks for that. I have read the Force gun is good stuff but 400 MSP is a little steep for just a gun if its the only useful thing in the DLC.

I have played the first one at a buddies house here and there but never all the way through. As well as watched the anime film.

I suggest playing the game BEFORE you buy any dlc.  You absolutely don't need any of the weapon packs to beat the game easily.  If you are going to buy a weapon pack I suggest the Martial pack strictly for the Force gun.  


The dlc "Severed" is focused around a different character.  His actions take place around the same time as Isaac's.  I suggest playing this AFTER you play through the main game.  


Now I see you haven't played the first game.  I assume you bought the second game since you posted this on the DS2 forums.  Hold off on playing the second one until you play the first one, which is $20 brand new (even cheaper used obviously).  If you have any interest in the story play the first game first.  No matter what anyone says YOU WILL be missing out on important details right from the beginning if you start with the second game.  If you only care about blowing *** up then it doesn't matter, and shame on you.