Could somebody explain this?

Is it lag? Bad coding? Some sort of a no-UAV rule I'm not aware of? This isn't the first time I've had this happen and it's always happened in objective game modes. (I want you to focus on the UAV I'm trying to call in)



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  I'm not sure, but I seem to remember instances in past cods where you couldnt operate ksrs and cap at the same time.

Probably some lag. Ive seen that a ton. Its like if you die or something before the "UAV animation" is completed, its like it didnt happen. I think its kinda like, firing an RPG or something at someone and they kill you and its like it didnt even get shot, it kinda disappeared. I would think its lag.

I'm not capping anything in the clip, just defending the HQ that was already about to "expire". The animation is also long finished before I get killed. I'm just confused about this :S

Looks like lag.

Looks like cod