could I run BF3 on my 13' Macbook Pro?

Before any PC elitists start flaming - i'm not asking if I could run the game on ultra settings - just wondering If i used windows 64 bit on boot camp could I run BF3 as an alternative to my console version when i'm out and about (and to experience conquest with a good player count)

It's the most recent model, and as far as I can tell it meets all the minimum requirements accept the graphics card (i have no clue on graphics cards and not sure how good a "Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor with 384MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory" is) lol


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no.... no you couldn't.... macs are not for gaming bro

The Intel graphics horrible. It'll run on low but it'll be bad. Like sometimes you appear to have no gun, you can see far out into the distance and people tend to disappear on you.

I'm waiting for the new AMD 7xxx series so I'm stuck with the stock Intel for now :(

No that thing wont even *** run BF2 hahahha

I there is a Mac version of BF2 but it took about three years. Anyways with BF3 you'll probably have more succsess running it on your toaster. During the alpha I logged on to the Battlestats service on my 13' inch to see what would happen. It said something along the lines of Sorry, Macs are not supported in this build. Keep in mind it said this build so there is hope for future builds to support macs.

no, no offense but Macs are overpriced computers(you could build a PC to better specs, for less money, and more functionality) for people who want to burn their money. you need a "PC"(even though a mac is just an overpriced factory locked PC) to properly play most games.

Macbooks are not very powerful or functional compared to desktop mac models.

yeah - I have realised how overpriced it was and kind of regret buying it. Might just sell it and attempt to build a gaming rig once I've read up on it all


Most laptops can't handle gaming because of a weak processor, I was lucky to be able to play BF2 on mine but it was all on low settings which I don't mine, I probably would only get a little better then I actually am.

You have a 13 foot Mac Book Pro??