Costume Quest sale for October??

Okay, so I got a friend who tried Costume Quest over at my house and loved it to death. He got a point card and really wants to get it, but I told him it will more than likely go on sale this Halloween. Any word yet on that?..What about a sequel? (excluding the DLC)?


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it looks like Costume Quest's DLC Grubbins on Ice will go on sale for Shocktober, at 30% off.

okay, it's going on sale for PSN...hopefully XBL matches it.

Great game. I even bought the add-on. I was able to get the game for 400 points and I think 240 for the add-on but it was on sale in March or April. Unfortuenly from interviews I have read from Double Fine, they don't have any plans of doing any more DLC for it or doing another game.

Yea, I missed out on the last time it was discounted. I was hoping because it's Halloween, it would be on deal of the week or something like that.

I really hope it is, been meaning to pick it up for a while now.

Well Costume Quest is 600 Microsoft points now, don't know why it's not on the list for things on sale. I'll be getting this now, just in time for Halloween.

600 points? Count me in!

The dumb Shocktober special is confusing. It'd be nice if it was displayed by XBLA game, DLC, Games/Demand, ect...

instead, you get Avatar items, movies... and misc Arcade and retail games with or without random offers that may or may not include DLC or full game prices??

Anyway, thanks for the replies.

I loved the game, bought it a long time ago, just didn't play it much, finally finished it though, but the thing that I'm not happy about is that I completed the game 100% but didn't get the "Game Completed" logo added to my list. It still shows as incomplete becuase it is counting the dlc (which I currently do not own).  Not sure why it does this, especially when I don't think any of my other games have done this, but never-the-less I would love to pickup the dlc if it were to go on sale. I doubt it will now unless it is on halloween day.

I agree with isturbo1984 though, the sale is quite confusing.