Cortana Is Alive Theory ( And Shes Human)

Ill be discussing the end of Halo 4 here, so expect some mild spoilers.

The Final ship on halo 4 that the Didact (thats his name right? the boss?) is on is designed if i remember correctly is designed to transform organic tissue into a A.I. or artificial material. We see this laser that is supposed to do this shoot and land on earth. I don't remember how many times, but here is my theory.

When Chief puts Cortana into the console and she starts splitting herself up, I believe Cortana came up with a plan to preserve herself. I believe she was able to figure out how to reverse the process of turning organic material into artificial material and turned her Artificial consiousness into a human on earth. 

This opens up the possibilities for another theory... That cortana..... might actually suit up. What better way to show her return then have her save master chief in a spartan suit!


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Human Cortana=Younger Halsey. Would be funny seeing those two meet.


I don't think Cortana found a way to preserve herself. In the final scene she tells MC that "Most of me is down there with the Didact. I only held back enough to save you". If she had found a way, even if she thought it was a long shot, I think she would have said so.

However, that doesn't mean she couldn't make a return. Here's my thought on it.

The 'final ship' is called the Composer. It was originally designed to convert biological material (thought patterns, or "the essence of life") into digital data.

That being said, Cortana is the only AI to ever be 'cloned' from human tissue, so the biological information would be there, even if only part of her were composed. If this data were to be found at the site where the Composer's beam hit earth, then I'd say it's possible she could be cloned again.

Now for the kicker that makes me think this theory could happen. If you watch the final scene... the one that is narrated by the Didact, (I think it happens after the credits) it raises some questions.

First, this scene is part of the epilogue... and if the Didact is dead, why is it narrated with his voice? Just as 'an afterthought' for effect? Or is there more to it? Was he composed?

Next, regardless of that ^ fact, if you watch closely during this speech/scene, you'll notice a short scene where there are people (or maybe it was just one, can't remember now) who look like scientists wearing something like PPE or hazmat gear at the site where the beam hit. Anyone notice what they're doing? Using some kind of equipment to take samples from the area. IMO, it's not a stretch to theorize that they could find a sample of Cortana's digitized biological information. Also seems ironic that one of the first missions (or is it the launch mission) of Halo 5 is for Locke's team to recover Dr. Halsey?

Interesting to consider, yes?

'Cortana's ditigized *biological information'

- A sentiant being?

Makes for a great story for those who believe in. Just add trillions of years and - POOF there it is! - The Universe and all life contained within it.

While I do enjoy playing me some Halo, such Jack and Beanstalk style storytelling isn't my cup of tea.

Makes for a great story for those who believe in. Just add trillions of years and - POOF there it is! - The Universe and all life contained within it.

It does appear to be the ultimate goal of the Forerunners, even if for themselves alone. Of course, it is fiction... what would take quadrillions of years can 'happen' in a few days. I like a good sci-fi story. Hated Jack & the Beanstalk.

We all like a good story. ;)

I thought this, too. I theorized that somehow managed to fool and tinker with the Didacts ability to digitize DNA and reverse the process...or something to do with the composer...and that would work to her benefit...and as the MidnightKLR stated, she is a digitized younger Halsey. Halsey used this very same Forerunner tech to produce her to begin with, using Halsey's own DNA. So Cortana is a digital Halsey clone. Although, I find Cortana's various looks/ designs to be contradictory of this, when thinking back on Halo 4 and past titles. Neither Cortana model looks to be what Halsey was described as looking like in her younger days, in the first book...but we'll just pretend that she can alter her appearance, it wouldn't be too far fetched, compared to her other capabilities.

So, even if your theory and mine are not the route 343 goes, there are plenty of ways for Cortana to come it, in Halo 5 or 6...but as many of my friends have pointed out, bringing back Cortana is not necessarily a goal for storyboard writers. If they did this, it might offset the dynamic between Chief and Blue team.  Cortana didn't get to operate with Chief too much, while with blue team. There were cases when they did, only one mission I can think of, in fact, but typically it was either MC and Cortrana or Chief and blue team...and if they were deployed simultaneously, they were always split up and it was just Chief with Cortana, while Blue Team did some orbital mission or ground mission.  

We need to factor in that there is a reason why Cortana made an exit and blue team comes back into the picture. However, there is a contrary to my point and that is that all Spartan II's were designed to house an AI. The AI was supposed to enable faster reflexes, as she was also integrated into the Spartan's nervous system and quicken their response times between them and their suits. So, there is that idea that every Spartan should have one, but that would be too much dialogue going on...not that we necessarily have to read/ listen to everything they have to say to each Spartan.

Another way I theorized Cortana's return, is going by what she was capable of in the books. Wherever she goes, she can leave traces of her. Specifically, the Pillar of Autumn. She could leave a subroutine of herself in ship, to automate their defenses and respond to/ for counter measures etc. So, if that ship's console was found, for instance, they would find Cortana code in the console. Cortana was often docked somewhere and she was even left behind for a long time, in Halo 2, with the Gravemind. Heck, she even has been in the Infinity's sytem...lots of opportunity there.

I had a similar idea nearly 3 years ago.

However, Requiem was destroyed at the end of Spartan Ops, so I'm not exactly sure how that might change things.

What I keep thinking, though, is why has MC gone rogue? Perhaps he's looking for something. Or someone...