Corruption Issue help!

This has to be the one thing i hate about Fable 2. Okay so i want to make money so i bought shops and i had them at 100% but then i lowered them to like normal or +20% but im total corrupt and i hate that because my eyes are yellow. how can i make myself pure again?Thanks.


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don't know if you checked the fable 3 forum where i answered this but iirc donating money to the temple of light will work. been awhile since i played fable 2

Yeah i saw just now thanks. It is funny because after i posted these my pureness went up really high that i have a halo over my head.

how  do i get rid of my horns

donating money to the temple of light will work

An honest, easy way to get your purity up that doesn't require donating a lot to the temple is to eat healthy foods.

Anything that would remove fat will add %5-%10 purity just as tofu and other foods like it will.

Hope that helps.

donating to the temple of light and eating anything that increases ur purity

give money to a beggar. i think its alot faster than the temple of light. so because of that i always let mine get destroyed