Corrupted Data or Server Troubles?

I figure 'm about half way through the story... hop on today to make a dent and it says "one or more of my saves has been corrupted." the option to resume has been removed and the only thing to load from is my ME2 data. now i remembered it saying that the EA servers were going to be offilne for a period--i got this message while at the same time it telling me I can't connect to the Ea servers.

What's going on here? i dont see how my saves (all of them) could have been corrupted. i remember turnig off my system at the title menu after playing a game of multiplayer last night. no bumps or oddities withmy console or game disc. is this a joke or some trick EA's got going on with no server access? anyone else having trouble?

I heard there was import data trouble with a few people, but what about corrupted data?? I haven't checked again since this morning.--i'm a little afraid to. am i ****ed?


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Best to check again and see for certain if they're corrupted. Try loading your game again and if it still says it's corrupted, go into your system setting and HDD, then look for the saves to see if it labels them as corrupt data or not.

yeah, i just checked my hdd and there was no game save data on there in my ME3 Game folder except for my ME2 transport character. wtf!? i had 5 alternating, backup saves!

1) if it was going to erase them, why would it erase ALL of them??

2) why cant i see the corrupted data on my console? when it asked if i wanted to delete then, i selected "No".

Damn... is this a common issue with this game?

thanks for the response, ruthless... i;ll see what the game says when i pop it in later, but i doubt i'll have any good news.

I think inside ME3 on your HDD it will only show the character/save. Not sure, I haven't checked to confirm. It might have been just a random issue. Hold some hope and check for certain when you can.

well to my BIG surprise, everything was just fine. the "resume" option was back and all my previous saves appeared again. i knew it was too weird. the only thing i could think of is that access to my single-player saves was restricted or hindered because connection to EA's servers were unavailable. thanks for your feedback and support, Ruthless.

The only thing I can think of that would cause that would be if you were signed in under another Gamer Tag. Even if the EA servers were down, that wouldn't stop you from playing the single player or loading your saves, you can do that without even signing into XBL at all. Is it possible you were logged in under another Gamer Tag? Because your save data is specific to the tag used to create it.