corrupt save

im about 90% through the game. 225/250 gold bricks, all characters but one, I haven't even gotten the chance to play the bonus stage. Now I cannot even access my save file. I have deleted and reinstalled the disc, Cleared the cache turned the game on and off. is there any other option I can try to get this to work. It is not worth it to start again.


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My sons just came across the same issue. Any help would be great! They are mad upset because of this...tons of work, down the tubes...

Mine has just done the same, I was about 80% complete hours of work and boom lost my file - please can some help

Yep, this happened to me and because of the corrupt file, I had to clear my cache and format the hard drive since I could no longer sign into my account. I was not aware that the corrupt file was because of this game specifically. A real bummer since My son and I had gotten so darn far with this game. Anyway, seeing that this isn't an isolated incident, it would be nice if they actually came out with a patch/update to relieve this rediculous problem...Probably not going to happen if it hasn't already. I liked the 1st batman game way better, but was really enjoying this one with the variety of characters from the Justice League.