Corrupt save, can anything be done?

Any way of recovering a corrupt save? No idea how it happened.



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Pretty sure once a save file is corrupt you can't do anything about it.

You cant do anything about it, had my save file corrupted to. And now i have to start all over!

How do you start over?

yep corupt file and saves are pretty much done for......Something like that happened to my profile that had 5000 gamer points on it.....My new one makes me look like a novice gamer lol

Pretty simple. You delete the the corrupted file and boot up the game again

You can have up to 5 game saves - In game while playing a character select "new Game" it then wold save the new character in a new game slot which can be accessed under Game options. during game when you have multiple save states yo can go back to game management and re-load other slot - even in dual player mode. I sometimes do this to switch from a male or female monarch to help with some of the achievements for others - If you know what i mean