Corrupt Black ops 2 profile

This is not right.  Was ready to go to prestige 2 level 50 and got the corrupt message. Took me the whole way back to level 1 no prestige.  What a wast of time. I can see some of the posts they lost maybe 10 levels but this was rediculous..  Has to be someone or something accountable for this.  Or some way to fix it.. Dont really want to waste my time playing this game anymore.  never had this problem with MW3 went to 10th prestige..


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That doesn't sound like a corrupt message.  That sounds like an intentional reset.  Regardless, The Official Black Ops 2 forum has a place to post/request support for rank loss.  I'd suggest you try and get a hold of the developers.  The Xbox forums aren't going to do you any good.  

Thanks for the info.  I'll check there... The only message I got before this happened was corrupt file you will be reset to last save point.  But I'll post on the Black Ops 2 forum.