There is only one clip at the moment, I was the 11th subscriber. When there weren't any videos. But they uploaded a video
Not to long ago, and it says "Come my friends, tis not to late to start a newer world."
Now remember, Treyarch makes these channels for the CoD community, so they can post information so you can figure out the campaign.
The next video will be uploaded during Wave 03 in August when the pre-ordering wave starts. Now the CoD community is starting to
make this channel grow. If you don't remember watching in the Villian Trailer Cordis Die had over 55 million subscribers. and over 60 billion views.
The channel is getting more and more popular. But they will start uploading CoD clips to the channel. So if you're a die hard Call of Duty fan, then
you should check out the channel.


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55 million subscribers and 60 billion views with1 vid? Whatever. Read the "sticky". No soliciting.

It's not his channel.  The channel is a lot like the GKNOVA6 website from Black Ops.  The channel was made by Treyarch and will continue to be updated by Treyarch.  It will have a lot of cool bits of information about the campaign leading up to release.

Oh, my bad. I thought it was a montage, LOL. 60 billion views, wow, thats alot of zombie fans, eh? Im at work, Ill check it out later. Is it worth it?

haha, the 60 Billion views is the screen shot from the Villian Trailer. The Subsciber count, the same. I just hope that Treyarch actually created the channel vs some random who thought it would be cool and posts random stuff. Guess we will see who officially owns it soon.