Cops N Crooks

Any idea when or if this is going to be introduced to the game, this game needs more fun game modes 


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I'd settle just to have the ability to store police vehicles. We can't even do police chases with friends in free roam right now because police cars don't spawn anywhere to steal.

Maybe it will come with the Heist update.  Then when you pull a heist, other players can become the cops and if they stop you, they get the money from the heist.

...As a possible update. That is the only way I see it happening. The "leaked" datalogs, I wouldn't buy into it just yet. Anything can be faked on the Internet; just remember that.

Many news sources stated that Cops n' Crooks was going to return in Grand Theft Auto V, but it was not the same type of Cops n' Crooks that we all know and love from GTA IV. It was something else not yet known. We may see the Cops n' Crooks game mode return as content available later if enough people request it.