After 5 min of trying to get in a Survial CO-OP  Map You get this.

1. The Non Player - One thats in the game that you think thats going to play but afer the first round you see that they are still in the spawn zone and have never moved.

2. The Rambo - One that trys to kill all the bad guys on there own and goes down 3 times on the first round.

3.The Armer Eater - One that as soon as the map starts they shoot at you till your armer is all gone.

4.The i want this Achievement Award - One that Quits tha map as soon as they get some type of achievement done and wants to look at there gammer score to see what they did.

5.The i Want a dif map - As soon as the count down is like at 3sec or so they change the map to a difrent one then when the map starts they leave the game.

6.The Fallen - The first time that they go down GAME OVER !!

7.The Flash Bang - They try to flash bang the Jugger but insted flash you and then you go down and then they Quit the map.

8.The Flash Bang X2 - They try to flash the Jugger but flash themselfs and goes down and then they Quit the map.

9.The Claymore - They set the claymore up in some stupid place and when the bad guys come in the claymore puts you down,Then they Quit the map.

10.The Claymore X2 - They set the claymore up in a stupid place and it put's them down and the other looses all armer after the bad guys get in the area, Then they Quit the map.


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Im number 4 at the moment.

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