Coop difficulty... question

So me and 2 other friends want to play Gears 3.

So my question is a bit complicated...

I have beaten the game once, my other friends haven't touched it yet.

If we want to do a run of Gears of War 3 on insane, do we ALL have to beat the game atleast once to unlock the difficulty? Or is there a way for them to experience the game for the first time on insane difficulty for the best challenge?


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Okay that's good.

One more branching question, are there any narrative differences from playing arcade?  Are my friends going to miss out on anything story-wise?

i can't say for certain...but i haven't noticed any differance

if you are host and host the game in arcade they should be able to join...if you play on standard they will need to beat the game first to unlock insane