Coop Buddy Wanted

I'm looking for another person interested in playing through various cooperative games with and shares a similar gaming schedule as myself. I'm a 27 year old in the south-east United States, and I work a typical 40 hour work week. Most of my friends, including myself, have a life. I can't play every night; however, I can play an hour or two a few nights a week (maybe a couple more hours on the weekend). I'm mature, educated and tactical. I prefer first or third person shooters, but I'm also interested in other coop games. I have no interest in joining a clan... I simply don't have time for that. If you have a life and some common sense, send me a message.


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hehe you're looking for someone that has a life AND common sense, no wonder no one has replied.  :D

Actually, I have those things, but I'm taking a break from games right now.  When am I returning?..idk.  

Bump. Still looking...

I enjoy co op. add me if you like