Coolest looking armor so far...

Since I don't want to spoil the game for anyone I will not post any spoilers.  If and when you comment please don't post spoilers.  However, the coolest looking armor I have come across so far is the armor for Nocturnal.  Makes you look like Batman.  It is also the armor that comes closest in armor rating of what I am already wearing.


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Keeping in mind that I haven't seen any of the faction armors yet (aside from the Companions), I like the way the Daedric armor looks.  It's way better than the heavy Dragonbone plate.  However, I do like the way the light Dragonscale armor looks.  It's just too bad that I wear heavy armor instead of light.

Banded Iron, Steel Plate, Blades Armour.


Those are my favourite. Nightingale Armour is overrated and I don't like the asymmetrical Daedric, personally.

Daedric ebony armor for me.

I liked (and still like) the Nightingale Armor (Thieves Guild/ Nocturnal) but the Ebony Mail is pretty sweet also. It's different from the "normal" Ebony and it is a Heavy Armor with "built-in" Sneak for those who are sneaky.