Cool things in Dragonborn

If you go to White Ridge Barrow (or something like that) you will find albino and flame spiders. In the sanctum you'll find a crazy lady who attacks you. On her you will find a key and throwable spiders. In another room you'll find a dead guy in a cage. Next to him is a machine that makes more throwable flame spiders. A book next to that has all the recipes. The spiders a very affective and are so cool. Some of them move in your hands!

Post some cool things you have found in Dragonborn.


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Post spoilers in your thread title first!!

Not really spoiling anything. I'm not revealing the story to the spiders or anything. I'm just saying how to make them.

Deathbrand Quests are awesome. The final battle agaist Haknir Death-brand was a good fight! Got some noce gear, too baf it's still not as good as the ebony armor i already brought with to the DLC.

Also there is so much gold the game just calls them piles of gold.

I just started but so far really enjoy everything I've come across. Just acquired the last shout so I'm probably headin to the final fight in the main quest now, not sure. Lookin forward to spending more time here and adventuring thru all the quests  than Skyrum as long as I can quickly find a place to  store all the stuff I've acquired before I'm over encumbered ! LOL ! ....Someone mentioned ebony armor, but so far I've only used Deadric, after using my light armor. Really only 'cause I think it's kooler lookin. ......Even though I'm lookin forward to taming and riding a dragon, I read somewhere it's not that impressive. To bad too, if it's true. I'm wondering if we can take the skill back to Skyrum and use it on the dragons there as well. ........ Also, as long as I'm here, does anyone know why leveling up may slow down after a certain point ? I'm at 68 and all of a sudden am crawling along. I think it might have something to do with maxin out some perks, and also the standing stones you use, not sure. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanx. ..... Merry Christmas to All  and Happy Holidays !

Seriously, nothing was spoiled, but still, thanks for the info OP. I found out about the albino and jungle flame spiders but I didn't know you could THROW them. :O

Leveling starts to gradually slow once you get past 50. Was designed to be that way. 65 and up is painfully slow.