cool little tip for descending ladders quickly

I don't know whether this is in the guide anywhere, but I found out by accident how to to descend ladders very quickly, just press B and hold when you're on the ladder. You slide down very fast. There are some big ladders in this game!


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I'd seen people doing this in vids, but never thought to ask anyone.  Good tip.  I'll also add a tip to yours - if you need to get down a ladder and there are some nasties at the bottom, toss in one of those alluring skulls to distract them.

I always wondered what those alluring skulls did.  I wonder, do they work on all enemies?

Another tip.  You can also kick down and punch up when you are on a ladder (attack buttons).  Most will already know that but just for the few who may not...

You don't have to hold B. Just tap it and you'll slide. And yes, punching up is RB, kicking down is RT.

The Aural Decoy spell also works to distract enemies.  Anything that gives you a few seconds without aggro can make a huge difference.

The alluring skull does not work on all enemies. I remember reading it in the description.

Ah, that's good to know!

A guy who invaded me taught me you could kick down on the ladders, I taught him little boys who play on ladders are very vulnerable to +10 bows