Cool Little Easter Egg! Coles Hat!

It's been a LONG time sicne I've posted anyting on the forums here. But when I seen/did this I had to tell everyone one. Now this is in Act 1. The start of when you play as Cole. When you talk to the mean old guy about trade for food a door opens. You go down threw some hallways untill you see a bunch of wrecked trucks. Well if you go to the one of the left an press "X" it give you an option to put on a hat backwards or frontwards.You get to keep it for a good part of the act until it falls off. I thought this was a cool little easter egg. If you would even call this a easter egg. I was walking around looking for COG tags an stuff an found this out. Enjoy. =p Sorry if someone else already posted this.


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Thanks for sharing, I missed it but I will keep an eye out when I replay the game on insane.

Oh I forgot to mention. You have to go to the bed/back of the truck an hit  "X".  Not sure if anywhere on the truck will work.

You can also get one in the supermarket,thought it was cool that it he was wearing it in the cutscenes aswell.

I liked Cole's hat. The loss of the hat was the saddest moment in the game :(

This was a cool thing. It played into the level really nice.  I won't go into greater detail as some people may have not got to this part.

There is also a spot next to a mini talking Cole Train standee that says, "THE COLE TRAIN RUNS ON WHOLE GRAIN!" ,where you can put on a hat.  

that part was funny!  Cole is the greatest!