Controlling the A.I.

Can someone please tell me how to tell my A.I. which target to shoot at?  I understand how to tell them how to use their biotic powers against the enemy, but I don't know how to tell them to use their actual weapons on a certain enemy.  For example, how do I tell Thane to use his sniper rifle on the enemy, when I have him positioned in the back?  He just sits there doing nothing.  I mean, come on man, you have a sniper rifle, you need to be in the back using it, Its a long range weapon.  Haha.  anyways thanks for your time.


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Should be the same basic interface. When you're paused with the abilities menu up, instead of using a power, highlight the enemy you want him to attack and press left or right on the D-Pad, (depending on if he is the first or second member of your squad).

Ahhhh, gotcha.  Thank you.  

Thanks also