I was wondering can we use the controller? I want to play this game, but I suck bad with the guitar. I personally find it much more fun with the controller anyway.




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as far as I know, only GH 2, 3, and Aerosmith are the only ones you can use a controller with. and that 80's compilation,but that's only on PS2.

I tried using a controller for the X-Box 360 as the guitar and I can surely say not a good idea. You can use the controller with the headset for the vocal career.

Vocal Career SUCKS in my opinion. I tried using the headset, and the game kept telling me to speak up -- what?, like shout!!! I'm annoyed already, and I've only played today. Glad I only paid $2.99 from the bin for this!

There is a Microphone which can be used for guitar hero look on Best Buy, EB Games and Game Stops webpages to see if they have them in stock. It should look like a regular mic it plugs into the regular controller just like the headset and it works much better than the headset. All the headset was meant for was talking to your friends while playing Halo, Call of Duty, or those kind of games not Guitar Hero.