controller sensitivity

Is there any reason to mess with it? I see some people like it on 2, others 10?  what exactly is the benefit?


Also, while watching a hutch video(bored), i noticed on MW2, you could change the controller lay out.   so b could be stab, y could be crouch.  Can you do this on BO?   shows how little i check the game configuration out!!!


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I'm pretty sure you can't crouch with Y in any COD game.

For sensitivity, it's all personal preference, I use 8 on BO. I also use tactical. I think it does help me improve my game, because it puts all the movements in your thumbs.

I have it always on the most sensitive.  I think this comes from years playing Quake, Quake 2, Unreal Tournament and other games like this on the PC.  At the higher sensitivity you can turn faster thus reacting to situations quicker.  The higher the sensitivity the quicker your player is when moving around and positioning the gun for firing.  You can strafe better and is an advantage against others when they come upon you and you get into close quarters fighting.  It is not for everybody as if you've never played at the highest sensitivity it will probably feel too loose or make you ill.

  I kind of prefer it on low for rushing and higher for sniping.

  If its on low, I cant track a running target if its too high I bump into doorways when running. So I keep it like around 5 or so, it just balances out. Sometimes if I know I'm going to be sniping for a while, I may adjust it in-game.

    There are different settings for the controller, not sure what all they do, but I do know that one of them makes you go prone when you click the right stick instead of melee.

   All these can be changed under the options menue.

For Call of Duty I always stuck with the standard sensitivity but when I play Halo I am on the max.

4 for ARs

5 for SMGs

7 for Sniping

I play on 4. Fast enough to pretty much turn on anyone but still aim accurately. I also play on tactical. Why? Much faster to duck in and out of cover, dropshot and I literally never even think about knifing people.

I never changed it on cod 5 and I put like 30 days on that game. Mw2, I played pretty steady at 9 and did well. Black ops, I actually took it down a lot and I think I play better. I'd rather be better at aiming than turning a million miles an hour. I'm at 5 on black ops and it works well.

I always keep it on default.  Never had a problem.



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Default doesn't have a fast enough turning radius. If I go higher I can't aim as well, but as one person said, increasing it is like exercising the thumbs.