Controller not connecting

Got a brand new xbox 360 today, and the controller connected just fine the first time setting it up. Then when I turned off the 360 and turned it back on later, the controller wont connect. I have a play and charge kit, and plugging it in doesnt even help it connect, the lights just keep on flashing. the weird things are

1.) The play and charge kit works perfectly with another controller

2.) Resetting controller connection does not work either

3.) I unplugged and plugged the xbox 360 in, and that didn't work either.

So it seems like its JUST this controller. But the weird thing is that it connected perfectly when I first turned it on. What on earth is going on?


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You might try turning on the console with the controller that does work, and leaving it on while you try setting up the controller you are having trouble with in the #2 slot.

Sometimes RF detection goes a little haywire.

Or if you still have your battery case for the controller. Try a fresh set of regular batteries in it. It could be that the Play Charge pack your using in that controller is possibly too weak to transmit a good enough RF signal.  

You were right! It seems like that it connects just fine if I use that controller specifically to turn on the 360. Thanks for the help!

Ive had this problem frequently over various xbox360 consoles and controllers, and nothing i can do, (except leave them searching al day) wil help, ive gone periods of up to 4 days with no controllers connecting whatsoever, then other times only some. I owned 5 different controllers and could only ever use 1or 2 together. Now i have an afterglow wired control that will work when all others fail. But why? :L