Controller charging problem

I couldn't find a hardware section so I wasn't sure where to begin looking into this problem.

I have a refurbished controller that I bought some years ago,it has always worked great, but recently I picked up an energizer power & play charger for my controllers.

one controller charges just fine on both ports, and with either set of batteries.

My refurbished controller however won't charge. The green ring on the controller just ever so slightly glows, and the charger just flashes red a couple of times and won't charge that controller.

Anyone experience this before when trying to charge a controller through the charge & play port on the controller?


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For future reference here is where hardware related posts would go.


I would assume that is because you aren't using a Microsoft brand play and charge, I have the same problems with some of my controllers when using my non-Microsoft brand Play and Charge but when I did have the MS brand ones, everything worked perfectly for all my controllers.

Sounds like it's a defective controller (since your other one works fine).  As a rule of thumb I don't buy refurbished things, as people can trade them in with defects.  Here is the Xbox Accessories forums.  Most people such as myself don't care who posts what where, but you may have better luck there.