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Hey guys! You know when you get a brand new controller and the analog sticks are just so springy and responsive? Why is it that after about a month or so, they completely lose that? I know the obvious answer is just generic "wear and tear," but I would think that after so long, they could use something stronger and more resistant than a rubber band so the analog sticks would feel brand new for a long time. In case you don't understand what I'm talking about, here's an example...

I start a multiplayer match in Call of Duty. After the match begins, without EVER even touching the controller, my guy is spinning slowly in circles or walking slowly to the left or something.



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Either you're going a little too hundy on the controller or (and most probably) it's just your typical modern day scheme to make things last as little as possible so you have to run out and buy another. All companies these days think about is money and the fastest and most efficient way of doing so.

If it's not one of the sticks, it's one of the shoulder buttons.

Or triggers... if you're a trigger happy gamer. One of my older controllers makes a bit of a noise when pulling in the right trigger and the LB is a bit unresponsive, but I think that was because of a few drops out of my hands or falls off the desk.

Yeah my other white controller is starting to ghost but it still works