Control Wizards... all builds are viable

My second account on the xbox one is a control wizard, and like all generic controls I built thaumaturge with vorpal, but after a little looking around (and a lot of AD respeccing) I find that oppressor is far more effective (albeit less damage) in controlling, and shatter? 5% health damage to every frozen enemy, and chill lasting so much longer. and the renegade build, the buffs for the other team? speeds up dungeons by a massive amount.

after discovering this, I build oppressor and not a single enemy gets out of control, they freeze, and then that's it, shatter just blasts them. I use full high vizier with lightning enchantment, because the chain attack to my opinion does far more damage than a vorpal can offer a control wizard... 25m damage on spellplague turned to 32m very quickly.. lightning enchantment is just way too good for a control wizard... anyone have any other non generic builds they would like to share? this post is for people to come together and share their personally created builds for others too see.

My main is a 16.8 hunter ranger and I built archer.. I beat 17k tricksters in dps every time.... single target dps that is, they may hit higher but my average hit is so constant, I take more % of health from a boss, specially with prey applied than a trickster of the same GS can ever do.. just cant seem to beat fury built scourges.. by far the best boss dps. opinions?


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