control ur xbox via pc

Ok let's say I leave my pc connected and I'm somewhre else, but have a mobile device(laptop, phone). Can I add a download thru like I knw we can and it will sync automaticly to my box without anyone being there? Also, are there anything else u can doin ota? ( over the air)


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The item will be added to your download queue and be downloaded the next time the console is turned on. If the console is on already the download will proceed as normal. You can also purchase avatar clothing and accessories from the site and wear them immediately, and the next time your console is turned on the item will be downloaded and your console avatar will wear it automatically. As far as i know those are the only things you can do to control your console from the site

If you leave your xbox 360 on connected to xbox live and you use a computer outside your home to download content to your xbox it will start downloading as soon as you do it.

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Nothing else you can do regarding controlling the xbox via a mobile device.

You can stream various media to the Xbox via a media server though.