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Forza 5 has 13 different control layouts but all are designed in mind for people  who are able bodied and not with any slight disabilities.

I have been a gamer for over 20 years and games used to let you assign your own buttons to functions. I have limited to no use in my left hand and all methods require lb/rb to shift up and down or lt/rt for brake accelerate.

Now in this game I use control setup 12 which means I can use the right analog to brake and accelerate and left to steer but I have to use automatic transmission. Why can I not use rb and rt to gear up and down ? Why can I not implement this in game myself bacause it is no fun driving automatic.

What are your thoughts on this and can we get it changed?


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I hate that as the player, we don't have more universal control over our settings, but I think it's largely done out of balance reasons. In any case, I support your cause and reasoning because I don't think anyone who is disable in any kind of fashion should be excluded. I will say this much though: you might be better served taking this either to the official website or to the wishlist/feedback section of these forums.

I have been sent over from the Forza forum by a moderater. Now says that thes layouts are part of Microsoft and not turn 10 but you get no official bodie from any of these forums that say we're here to help how can we do this for you?

Where else can you go, who can you contact directly? Because I would like to really follow up on this.

Thanks for reply these things go over most peoples heads.