Control Customization Options..

Basically, I'm sold on this game.  BUT, I would like confirmation that it has some control customization options, particularly southpaw controls (ability to switch the thumbsticks)

Any information one way or the other would be very nice, thanks in advance to whoever helps me out with this information.


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from what i've heard no

That would be very disappointing.   Hopefully once more people have the game they can check the menus for me.

confirmed no you cannot.   just checked the wiki but i loved the ps3 control scheme.   so hopefully 360's will be just as good

you can invert the right stick for the camera, if thats what you mean. seen it done on the ign stream.

after re-reading your post, i now know its not what you meant.

I wanted to change up the controls too. I keep getting confused and pressing the wrong buttons and the wrong damn times. I just want the left trigger and left bumper to switch places, and the same for the Right.

Yeah, not being able to adjust the controls has been frustrating for me.  It wasn't an issue playing Demon Souls on PS3 because I was holding a PS3 controller and got used to the shoulder buttons.

Holding the Xbox controller though, and I know it has to be a mental thing, I'm so used to having my triggers be the main attack buttons and not the bumpers.  *shrugs*  Still an awesome game though!

That's my EXACT problem!!!

I'm not accustomed to using the bumpers as the main attack commands on the 360 controller. I keep hitting the strong attacks when I want to use the light and quick attacks and it sometimes gets me hit because I want the fast attack and enstead use teh strong, slow attack. Almost died a few times because of this.

On the PS3, most games use the bumpers as the main commands and triggers as secondary, its the opposite for the xbox and thats what kind of confusing me at the moment. But in all actuality, I'd rather play this game with a PS3 controller because I'm just so used to playing demons souls with it. Maybe I should have gotten it on the PS3. Can't return opened up video games back to the store, so I guess I'm stuck with it..







Wait a minute........While typing that above, i just thought about something. I have a device that I bought a long time ago that allows me to use PS2 controllers on my 360 so I can play fighting games with a better D-pad. YYYYEEEAAAA BBBOOOOIIII!!!! I can't talk with friends while playing this game anyway so I wont be using the mic, so I guess that fact I cant use a mic with the PS2 controller is no issue. YUS!!!!

In Fallout 3 and Oblivion you can't change the thumsticks in the game menu but if you change the move option under control settings on the dashboard to 'right' it changes the thumbsticks in the game.

All I want to be able to do is move around with the right stick and aim/move camera with left.. In a game that's supposed to be this hard I won't bother if I can't even do that.

Anyone who checks if the option from the dashboard works  and lets me know about it will get some big time good karma in return.

Can someone please help me out and find out if switching the control options in the dashboard works for getting southpaw thumbsticks in this game?

It would take only a few minutes if anyone is playing this game to find out if changing the dashboard control options (move to right stick) works in this game and would be much appricitated.  I've looked everywhere on the internet with no luck.

Help me Xbox forums.. you're my only hope.