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I was just wondering if anyone has or could direct me to a list of contacts for each character. Also, about the random events Trevor gets... Do most of them become contacts? I've taken two to the cult place and am wondering if I should be regretting it in case they do things for you later had I saved them. One was two drunk guys needing a ride back to their hotel. The other was a guy and girl who were banging in the back seat. Does anyone know if either of those two random events become contacts? Also, will a random event reappear once completed?


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Is that a complete list, Darth?

Thanks, Generic. I have done that mission already. I think I'm just going to continue regardless... Be a giant waste to restart now.

There is one person you pick up that you can use, the female driver for heists.  You don't have to worry about accidentally taking her to the cult because it simply is just not an option for her.  Hope this alleviates some stress.

I had to take 4 to the camp to get in.












12.)Minute Men.......Trevor




I've taken exactly 3 different people (1 couple) and didn't get invited in.

Not 3 at once 3 in total

^I've only delivered 2 at once.  I can't recall coming across 3 people at once.  I'll have to look out for that. I've taken 3 separate groups of solo or two people to the cult about 3 times.

Delivering people to their destination or to the alturist camp does nothing. The only difference would be when you deliver 3 people to the alturist camp they invite trevor into the camp also where they try to eat him too. Never less cue rampage like escape and the chance to pick up a briefcase of cash for 25k

Oh then I don't know.  I've taken about 3 of them to the cult, so I guess I'm doomed in not knowing whether they would have become a contact or not.  I have a lot of contacts on my phone and I usually just get their voice mail.  Some of them don't seem to serve a purpose.

Maybe you don't understand... Or I don't understand. All I'm saying is, that for those two specific people/(events), whether or not they end up as contacts. To get a full list, it's as simple as never delivering them to the cult (as Trevor, assuming he's the only one who can). All I'm concerned about are the two I mentioned in the first post.

I'm not talking about strangers and freaks. I'm talking about the random events. Random events are small, blue dots on your radar. Versus having an actual character like M or P.

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