Constant freezing in Dunstad battle?

Am I the only one with this problem? It's hardly my console since I tried both Worms and MW3 and after a while neither of them had frozen. I even tried playing from the disc instead of HDD and clearing the cache. Nothing works, a complete freeze will happen at around 40% left. So, anyone encountered this and figured a way to prevent it? Or am I just supposed to continue from a previous save and never finish the quest line?


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Using a previous save and going there with a "fresh" start doesn't help. Stuck with this till there's a fix, otherwise my 1st playthrough won't really be a playthrough.

Shadowmere was with me. He did most of the work. Made it through.

Well I tried running away from the fort and let the imperials & Sven deal with it. 40% left -> complete freeze