Constant Freezing - Game Breaking

I'm toward the end of the Frostflow Abyss dungeon, and at the part where you jump down the cliff and fight a couple of those chourus things, the game freezes. Every time. I've had no issues til now. It's absolutely game breaking. Anyone else run into this? Is there a fix?

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Turn the other way and leave the dungeon? Hardly gamebreaking.


Clear your cache.

Load and reload.

Restart your console.


If not, then don't worry about doing that particular dungeon?

Yeah, not being able to complete a part of the game would in fact be game breaking.

But anyways, I got through it.  FYI, I cleared the cache, reloaded, restarted console, all that... several times (thus the meaning of "every time" in the OP), with no success.  Probably should have said that above.  Thanks anyways.

I finally got through it by waiting above the cliff for several minutes then jumped down diagonally to the right and ran through the tunnel there.  For some reason either looking directly down or jumping in the middle and fighting caused the freeze.  

Ever since my save files have gotten larger (12-15 MB), I've been noticing minor freezing, drops in framerate, shouts not working right away (sometimes they are delayed several seconds), and even Beast Form having a 10 second delay on transforming to a wearwolf.  I may try to clear the cache if the problem persists or gets worse.  Worse case scenario: I stop playing my Nord warrior (whose save time is 275+ hours) and start over.