Constant disconnection

Please help I just pick up injustice gods among us from the shops today and About 5 minutes into the game I disconnected so I signed back in thinking it was nothing then it kept happening again then again and again. Then I tried playing online and I can't even play with out it disconnecting I've restarted my Internet and everything and all my other games run fine with live Please tell me it's not just me and please if you know how to fix I would be so grateful because online was one of the reasons I brought this game

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I have a similar problem. When I try to play with others in public matches the game session ends after character selection. It's so annoying and I can't find the solution to this problem. However I have played a few games with a friend in private match and it worked fine. You can add me and we can play private matches in the mean time until this problem can be solved.

This game is not distant friendly. The furthur away the players are , the higher the ping, and disconnection happens. Need a very good internet connection and need to be close to the other player to play this game fine.  You should be able to play with players having four bars white when idle. This is a problem with all netherrealms games including mortal kombat 9. The error message will be "The game session is no longer available"

I have the same problem and God is it f***ing annoying.

Hi same thing goes for me i picked the game up on saturday. Started playing for a bit in practice mode and bam i get a disconnect, thought ok i reconnect maby the connection in the network was lost, so i reconnected and ten minutes after that another disconnect. I looked on my pc and wireless connection on my phone everything stays online and has internet its just the xbox. So i tried staying on the dashboard for an hour and no disconnect, i played ssf4 with some friends for a few hours no disconnect. Then i put back in INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US and there the disconnects come back again. Its realy frustrating cause i would like to play against some friends but cant cause i get disconnects like every 10 mins with that game its realy annoying. Plus its not my internet connection i got a download of 30Mbit/s and an upload of 11Mbit/s. hope that this problem gets fixed soon cause i cant realy think of the stupid disc having problems and disconnecting me -.-

This keeps happening to me too, every time i start a game it will be fine sometimes i can get through a game, but 90% of the time it just drops me from the game mid way through. I have nearly 30 losses 26 due to disconnects.

So what now? Those of us who have issues with this game are screwed? Well screw NRS for wasting my $ then.

mmh the only thing i can think of is to actualy borrow a disc from a friend or videostore install it to your xbox harddrive and play it with ur bought disk. thats the only thing i can think of as a solution not sure if it will work tho, got to try it myself to since i have that problem

same thing happens to me quite a lot i don't get disconnected from live i just get disconnected from VS matches worked fine playing king of the hill but even that's stopped working now and just says cant join even though there's enough room for me to join annoying as fudge now.

Haven't had that problem in regular Ranked/Player matches. It happens sometimes on King or the Hill/Survivor lobbies, even though I have decent Internet connection. I suppose its just high ping.