Constant Audio Drops

This is a annoying problem since I've had the X1. While playing a game and hitting the home button and then going back into the game, the audio drops very low. Not just games either, happens during netflix as well. The only solution I've found is to reset the console. I do not have surround sound. Just using the speakers on my TV. I was hoping. The new update fixed this but I didn't. Anyone having this problem??


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These forums don't get much traffic unfortunately. The X1 forum regs are currently sleeping.

I have an X1 and have not experienced this.  My biggest problem so far was my Kinect not recognizing the word "yes" after the update a month or so ago.  Luckily the new update fixed this for me.

Ok thanks lol

I think its a bug and Most people are having this problem and I heard there working on it.