Console makers are killing the game industry

So MS and Sony want to keep putting up apps.Since they started doing this people dont want to play games anymore.The 360 is now the place to watch WWE,Netflix,Twitch and where does this leave gamers.Theres hardly anyone playing online anymore because they're occupied with Youtube on their console.If they want to kill off the online gaming portion of XBL then start making games that have no online achievements .You will probably say GTA V sold millions but it is a rarity .Game sales are way down.


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Another incoherent post?


At least on Consoles people pay for their games and Publishers get paid, putting them in a position to comission more games.

Though piracy exists on the 360 and possibly the ONE it's nothing compared to the rampant self entitlement that plagues the PC platform.

I'd be more worried about App Store models being applied to games (Killer Instinct for example) rather than someone enjoying watching a Youtube video on the box between games.

So lets get this straight. You are upset that people want to have a break from gaming and watch something on their gaming console instead of using it for gaming?

I spend more time on my console gaming than using apps.

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[quote user="LOWxONxHealth"]Game sales are way down.[/quote]

Yeah, I bet that they are crying in their $15.39billion 2013 revenue. 

I do agree with the OP a little, but just a little.

Last week I burnt a CD for a road trip and I realised that it was the first thing in six months that I'd one on my PC that I couldn't do on my 360.

I can listen to my music bought from Amazon on the Cloud Player through Internet Explorer. I can do basic office work on Skydrive (now OneDrive) by using the online version of Microsoft Office available there. I can write emails at number of providers sites.

Browsing of course can be done with the Internet Explorer app and even videos watched on it or the YouTube app.

So what I agree with about the OPs post is that consoles are kind of losing what made them unique, that ability to just pop in a game and play. Consoles have become locked down PCs.

Honestly. If my PC died today, I could get along with just using my 360 until I could afford to replace it.

How silly is this ?

Apps and Games work fine together.

There are always new games and Apps can be games too in a way, at least some of them.

If you just watch Twitch and Netflix and stuff it´s your choice.

Maybe the games this people have are not fun enough.

They should maybe get some new games or try out old ones they never played before.

Why would you even say that apps kill the gaming industry?

Do you know how many games pop up a month in the internet to be playable for a kind of devices?

If you focus just to see Apps then you will only see that. 

"Game sales are way down"   Did you ever think that it's because the games that are being released kinda suck?  That it has nothing to do with people being enamored with YouTube, Hulu & Netflix, but it's the games themselves.

People post threads on here about how stupid Xbox is for putting out all of these apps, and now we get threads complaining about people using these apps.

New consoles just released.  Game sales were gonna decline because those that bought the new consoles can't afford to buy as much.  We also have fracturing playerbases for the same reason.  

Dumbest. Thread. Ever.

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