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Forgive me if this is in the wrong forum, but I have looked everywhere and couldn't find the right one. Anyways, I have been playing this game for quite sometime now and I have never had any problems with this game until now. When I'm signed into Xbox Live, I start up the game and after the Microsoft logo finishes (right before the Gears 2 title screen comes up), the screen turns black and my console freezes up. I have another account that I use and it doesn't have that problem. Now I have already tried a couple of things (clearing cache and deleting my account and retrieving it) and still the problem isn't fixed. Is there anyone that can help me fix this problem or give me an idea what is causing this? Thanks in advance.


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The same thing has been happening to me too, but for about the past year or so, and didn't happen to anyone else who uses my console. The only thing I ever heard about it that might explain what happened was that during one of the game updates, there was an error that only affected certain users. I've not heard anything since, nor has anything worked to get my the game to work on my account. I eventually gave up and had to make another account specifically for playing Gears of War 2. The only advice I can think of would be to try and get in contact with a customer service member. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.