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sookiedust Iv been with Console 3 over two years now and iv made some great friends!! I'm a gaming Mum (when I find the time) and there's a real mix of peeps and games on Console 3 there's something for everyone!! Iv been playing L4D2 a lot with other members and earlier last year there was lots of Mass Effect 3, Black Ops II, Split Second, Tomb Raider and we dusted off Blur a few times coz that's always a good laugh!! There's always someone to give you a hand with co - op on various games should you need it too :) The forums always great for gaming info and sharing each others experiences with games and how we feel about the new Gen of Consoles! I haven't taken the plunge yet on the new Consoles but we have a few members on Ps4 and a few on X1 and it's good to read their opinions and gaming info! It's Gaming + we talk films, music, TV too! Iv just started GTA V !! Wow what a crazy game!! I can see a lot of game nights coming up on that :) Come and see us :) introduce yourself and make yourself at home at Console 3 :)

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Console3@proboards. GTA, left4dead2, payday2, tombraider, blur, ghosts all played by our members :)