Considering picking up BF4...

Can anyone tell me if the new patch has fixed the problems that were leading to bad reviews for this game?  Single player doesn't matter to me, I'd want it for the multiplayer - but I've stayed away from it due to the problems I heard about with the multiplayer...


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To be honest, certain things were addressed but more issues have arisen.  One that is annoying is getting kilked and the player who kills you has 0 health.  Its almost like they don't know how to fix certain issues.

It played great on the 360 for me from release after a few tweeks. I have it for the Xbone now, but Ive been playing Ghosts and havent gotten back into BF yet. It did look amazing on the Xbone though. I think there are problems now, but i dunno if they are in TDM modes (like frame rate drops and such).

I haven't played BF much for more than a couple of weeks now but tonight (as well as this weekend) I plan to play. Monday I can post my thoughts on the current state of things.

I have played both the 360 and X1 versions of the game. When the 360 one came out, was laggy and slow at times. I have had some issues with the X 1 version, but for the most part, I can play. I would suggest you use the battlelog app if you have a smartphone,, it will place you in a server every time you tell it to, and works flawlessly for that.

Wait a few more months. Around March most of the problems people are having will be fixed. You'll still notice poor hit detection and hit boxes in general, but those have been around since the start of the frostbite engine.

Well I was having a lot of issues with multiplayer for BF4 on Xbox one so I stopped laying it for a while and played other online games that actually worked. About a week ago I came back to it and it still wasn't working. Today, I got into a game and was kicked right away and then joined another game and lost connection a second time and I decided I would go back to playing other games that actually worked.


If I could return the game I definitely would. It was fun the few times it worked but other than that it has been nothing but a pain. I'd save the money for something that is stable and actually works if I were you.