I have always enjoyed Conquest, but in the Bad Company series I preferred playing RUSH, But RUSH in BF3 is just not enjoyable anymore. Maybe its just me but in BC2 a squad of friends working together would own. But now it seem that the whole team when attacking need more team work and if your team is not playing the objective, game over you lose.

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the game it's great, But in conquest its seem that players are playing the game as it was intended to be played, there is a good mix of players using different classes, playing the objective, and capping flags, but RUSH it's just a big sniper fest, I hope in a few weeks the recon players will chill out and start playing the objective.

But for now, RUSH is dead to me, Hello Conquest my old friend.


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It exactly the same for me. I'd say 90% of my games in BF3 are conquest, in BC2  I mostly played Rush. I noticed there's a lot less recons in conquest  and in Rush I'm finding very difficult to get near the m com. There always at least 1-2 guys lying prone watching it. I don't think I've won being on the attacking side yet. My teammates don't attack, follow or spawn on me when I flank but I'm really loving conquest.

I'm in Conquest daily and it is a bit slower than Rush again you must have teammates who are willing, and enjoy taking orders by a squad leader to be able to play this game the right way. All I see even in conquest is COD playing style. I try to work with the team but very few have help me when I got pinned down or have set me up to die. To win you matches is with good team work not running around like crazy troopers.



On an off topic:  I have came up against some teams that seem to be doing odd things last night example: I was in Conquest where I was on the Aircraft Carrie all by myself other teammates have just left, heading to the shoreline. Within a few seconds, I was stabbed in the back by someone. At first I thought it was my own team member then I notice it wasn’t; someone was cheating, no enemy chopper landed but I died.  



I am starting to believe they (garbage players) have found was to cheat the game already. Another example: I was inside a tank by myself the guys have just jump off headed into combat within seconds, I was stabbed inside the tell me what's up with that. Yeah, there is some cheating going on in BF3. I’ve seen guys on top of  areas that are the off limit zones I test it and yes I die but they don’t die…



I will continue to play Conquest I will continue to help those teammates who need help, knowing I will die often and that is OK; it’s a game FUN is the name of the game not my numbers.