Conned on FIFA 14

My son has been using my account for playing Fifa 14 Ultimate team, where he was recently conned by another player. After arranging a 'wager' match where they would exchange cards depending on who won, the other player simply took my sons players, didn't play the match, un-friended him and has stopped all communication. I know the guys gamertag was MOD REMOVED and he also goes by the name MOD REMOVEDl. Is there anything i can do about this?


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File a complaint. The complaints system is comprehensive and will be reviewed by a member of XEU and PET. It's not allowed on this forum to name and shame so remove the gamertag from your post.


TBH you should have seen this coming. Only arrange these matches among friends you know and can go "talk" to :P

Nothing that can be done on Microsoft's end. This is an issue that has plagued Fifa for some time now. You can reach out to EA support

This also happened to my son... same deal where  he has been using my account for playing FIFA 14 and was conned by two other players working together.    After arranging a trade offer where they would exchange cards depending on who won, the other player then sent my son a card that was blank and said he couldn't control it.   Then he gave him a weak player in exchange for Neymar. Then the player un-friended him and has stopped all communication.  The two players also took 56, 000 coins from my son that he had spent a lot of this Christmas money using to acquire the points.    These same players also did the same to my son's on-line friend.    It is disappointing that a player would join a child's game and steal from them.    This is not what I wanted for my son when I purchased the game for him ---  he previously loved this game, now he feels cheated and insecure.   If FIFA has a problem with this happening, they should find a fix for it - versus just allowing children to be cheated.

Really sorry to hear that, there really are some horrible people around. My son has since discovered that it was not the real Gudjon Daniel (who you can find on Youtube posting his FIFA videos) but an imposter who had started a fake twitter account pretending to be him.

It's a shame to hear, but this is also why you shouldn't name and shame as you might get the wrong people implicated and spammed with messages, so I too would recommend you edit out the names :)

Can someone tell me how i can edit my original post?

u cant edit sorry u just have to repost

Can any body tell me what to do my son was going to trade a card with this person for a good one not knowing it was a scam and gave him the card but he didn't give his and un friended him and stopped all communication