Is it just my terrible ISP or is it the game? Whenever I play with friends, sometime during the game, it kicks me to the main menu. Damn game.


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This hasn't happened to me and I'm not even playing on local servers. lol.

It happens only twice to me, but often I'l have a ridiculous lagg? might be on the edge of getting kicked

Happens to me all the time,and believe me,open ports does not help...Ive tried everything,until i read allover internet how hard it is for alot of people to join matches...

The key is to wait...and wait...same as with bc2 when released,at leats you were able to connect to the servers when bc2 was released,but the rubberband lag was insane...

even in a party i cant connect to the online multiplayer

Don't worry, its not your connection.

The servers are severely strained at the min and they are a little tempremental. Its happening to alot of people. Its annoying but not much we can do other than wait for it to either be fixed, or for the release of COD at which alot of the servers will be freed up then.

Happens often.

I've not had this happen often only once and twice, I think its a case of both, the players Internet Conection and overloaded servers.