I'm snagging up Borderlands 2 today but I am completly unfamiliar with any aspec of the game.  I was curious how the connection was when playing co-op?  Is their lag issues or partying up problems like in cod?  One of the guys I play with is across the country out in the woods so our connecting togethor is real hard on cod and we want to know if he should bother getting this game to play with me.  Thanks.


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It's really going to depend on your network and connection speeds. There is nothing wrong with the game. Do you have high-speed internet service?

Yeah, I got a solid connection but my buddy doesnt.  He can play online games but he's always a sec behind on blops 2.  I was curious if it would be that big of deal on borderlands seeing out its a co-op (at least I think thats how it works) instead of 6 v 6 dealy.  Is it possible to play the game semi smoothly if one of the party members as a weaker connection is what I'm asking?  Thanks for the reply.

I would say you should host. His slower speed shouldn't bother your game, though it may be a bit jumpy/laggy on his end.

works for me, thanks.