Connection to EA has been lost...... permantly?

Half way though playing a round i get kicked. The subject message is received and i'm back at the main menu.  Problem is, i cant get anywhere, not even the menu indicating Quick Match. Have tried restarting the Xbox, resetting the router.... nothing,


Enjoy guys and girls, looks like my battle has ended at rank 12. At least for a month anyway.


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at least you have managed to get to rank 12,i've only been able to get in 6 matches since tuesday night :(

You're all better off than me. I played in 3.5 matches since Tuesday.  :(

EA's servers are EPIC.

Had the same issues last night.

When did that happen? They posted this message earlier today on battlelog so I am guessing that's what it was about.

Good news for people that hate bad news (Server restart)

By: zh1nt0  Posted: 2 hours ago  1139 Comments

So Ladies and Gentlemen!

For your playing experience we are going to restart the servers to improve stability and connectivity to the game servers.

Downtime for each platform will be 5 minutes but may take slightly longer.

We are restarting the Xbox 360 Servers first, following PlayStation 3 and also PC to follow.

We´re terribly sorry for the inconvenience :)