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For the past month or so, my connection has been pretty laggy, so I've mainly stuck to playing single-player.  Is it possible that the Dedicated Servers in Gears of War 3 will minimize my lag problem?  I'm really hoping I'll be able to play online.  I've tried many things to fix the recent lag, but nothing has seemed to work.



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I don't think that it will help you much. If you have BFBC 2, I would go try to play it and see if the lag is too bad because I'm pretty sure BFBC 2 is Dedicated also.

I take it that you have your xbox wired with ports 88 and 3074 forwarded? What is your Internet Speed? Maybe an upgrade in the future? Xbox doesn't actually require that high of an internet speed to play on with no lag.

For years I only had 1.5 meg and other than downloading something, everything was fine. Maybe try going to and seeing what your ping is. And if it's high, try calling your ISP and having them see what's up.

I have a wireless connection.  I'll probably pop in Bad Company 2 in a bit. Results

Your speed test is fine, much faster than mine.

Don't forget if your playing Gears 1 or 2 online the lag is not always down to you. with that speedtest result you will be fine in Gears 3.

EDIT: Oh and a wired connection is always better than wireless as it can be up and down due to signal strength, so maybe the wireless is just going weak now and then. Try rebooting the router or something.

That's what has been confusing me.  I seem to have a pretty good connection.  I get 4 bars on my Xbox connection, but I've been lagging in games such as Gears and Halo.

Your Upload speed could be a problem.  Or you just have too many people connected to the wireless connection at one time.  The dedicated servers won't help you, but they will help everyone else so they won't be lagged because of your lag.

Your connection is like 10x better than mine and I get no lag. =/

There are a few people connected on this network, but when I shut my laptop down, the lag did not improve any.  And is there a way to improve my Upload speed?

First contact your service provider and ask what your limit for upload speed is.  If they say something like 5mbps then you know something is clogging up your Upload.  But the best thing to do would be to buy one of these and take your Xbox off of wireless.  Or open your ports by following the guides on

Well, then again, since i see absolutely no problem with your internet, dedicated servers may help. I think that you're router settings/modem settings may be linking you to matches that have hosts with terrible connections and that it may not be you, but them. It does seem like a bit of a port problem that only matches you up with what it thinks is a good connection to you, but is not. Honestly tho, the only way to tell if the dedicated servers work is to play on them.

My upload speed is only 1mbps, so I wouldn't worry about that. And also, maybe the other people that are connected to your network are downloading something or their computers are autoupdating or something. i really dont see a problem though.

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