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Could anyone advise if  they are having any issues with COD MW3 over xbox live. I sign into lve as normal and start COD MW3 , when I try to load xbox live fom the COD MW3 menu it tells me I have to be logged into xbox live, which i allready am, so i try to sign in again and it tells me i have lost my connection however i remain logged into live all this tine.

would apreciate some feed back.


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Everyone is having this problem it's with all games

This just happened to me as well... although it was 2:43 AM PST... not 1:43 am like you above...

I can't give more information than that...

PS.. It looks like there is an update or hotfix or some crap that is causing this... I think basically we have the older Title Update and so we are SCREWED until our consoles update the Title(COd) update... Someone told me to restart your Console and it should do it (turn it off and then on,ect)..

but its freakin 2:43 AM in the morning... I"m going to bed....  

Sometimes i hate Double Xp weekends.. its like another job

Good luck

It's all games apparently and restarting your console doesn't fix it.


Should be sorted soon though.

Thanks for this, rebooted xbox and all seems okay, I should have tried this before posting lol.

I'll correct myself too... after reading that it worked for Steve up there I tried again and it's now working.

I just tried some Battlefield 1943 and its working... although I did crappy... also other games work..

Just noticed that for some reason all the forum posts are 1 hour behind my real time....

According to "connecting to xbox live" forums, this issue should now be fixed fo everyone.