Connection Issues?

Hey guys. I was late in on the BFBC2 and bought it a couple months ago. Love the game but 80% of the time it said I could not connect to EA servers. Started doing the same with my EA NHL games too. I was wondering if I would have these problems with this game as well. I know I was not the only one with a simple google search who was having these problems. Wanted some feedback before i went out and got this only to end up throwing my xbox out the window. Thanks.


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It could also be your router,i couldn't connect for about a week to any EA game,i reset the router back to factory settings and has been fine since.

Trust me its not that. I have done everything to the router, reset the date on the xbox, all the hoopla they put you through to deny its not their servers. Just seems some people had this happen. I played NHL for a long time with no issues ever and as soon as I put BFBC2 in it started this whole escapade. EA basically admitted it to me and gave me a free code for a game. So back to the original question.

no trouble so far

What is your NAT Type?

I could connect fine last night and I can't connect at all today.  I've reset router and modem and when I'm in a squad I'm the only one that doesn't connect.

i had the same problem, but now before i load BFBC2, i unplug the power cord from the back of my xbox, and wait about 10 seconds, then plug it back in and load as normal....i know it sounds like a silly fix, but someone told me try it and i did...and it's worked every time since